About BHappy

The brand's story begins with a kind girl who, even in the most challenging times, tries to find something good and smile. We are talking about Daria — the founder of the brand, who shared her bright posters on Instagram and gathered like-minded people who believe in a philosophy of happiness (Happilosophy) and the power of positive thinking.
Instagram posters weren't enough, and Daria decided to create something that people could wear or always keep close, which would bring them good luck and even make them smile on gloomy days. So bright posters are now printed on sweatshirts, hoodies, and tote bags. And success took the form of jewelry: earrings, rings, and pendants.
BHappy products have a soul. They are bright, rich, adaptable, natural, and dependable. What does that mean?

B — Bright: vivid emotions that highlight your personality 
R — Rich: a diverse range of unique prints, colors and designs
A — Adaptable: versatile style that can complete any ways of self-expression
N — Natural: certified organic materials, ethical sourcing and eco-orientation due to the small quantity of goods in stock and custom-made jewelry
D — Dependable: meticulously selected materials and innovative technologies we use, ensure high quality that will delight you with colors for many years

BHappy products are for everyone:

For those who learn how to live in the moment and enjoy the simple things
 For active people who cannot sit still, and for introverts who may sometimes feel lonely
 For those who are going through difficult times and need support
 For creative and courageous lovers of a bright life

BHappy products are for you